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"I can't say enough about John's Llamas.  I was fortunate to take a trip with John and four of his Llamas in 2009 to a remote off-trail site in the Gore Range.  It was one of the most delightful wilderness experiences I've ever had.  All four were strong, even tempered, surefooted, low impact on the trail and a delight to help care for.  John's skill and compassion in handling them was wonderful to see.  They were easy to lead, carried all of our gear deep into the woods through amazing dead fall, were almost maintenance free once we arrived, and made a trip possible that would have been a hardship if we'd had to carry our own gear.  Take a trip with them--you won't be sorry."  SL, Williston VT
Dear Devin and John; 
   Coming from 25 years of breeding, training and riding horses I must admit I was skeptical about a 10 day trip in the  rugged Wind River Range with llamas. ( My husband, a ferrier didn't help).  
  I was wonderfully surprised by the sure footed, hard working packers (4) who performed without a flaw over the entire trip.  We were able to pin them out without tangles.  They did not spook and bolt down the trail with gear flying all directions.  They ate the plentiful grass hay without a need to pack in food.   BRAVO.  They are 25% of the hassle of horses and I will jump at the chance to use them again...Thanks.   RK  Livingston Montana  July 2011
"Thanks for the wonderful trip, however the stars of the trip were the 4 llamas trained and managed by you. I have worked with cattle and horses my entire career.  However your llamas are responsive and obedient to a point I have never seen before.  I have told my friends about the trip and they always ask " Do Llamas spit? " Hell no ! , I have never seen any LlamasColorado animals spit is my immediate and honest answer.  They behave more like well trained dogs. They are, quite simply,  wonderful pack animals"    JH..La Porte , Colorado
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