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My name is John Myers.  My ancestors homesteaded in Colorado in the 1800's, and I am a Colorado native. I developed a strong interest in back-country adventures and wilderness ethics during my seasonal work with the US Forest Service as a young man.  I have continued to hike, fly-fish, hunt, and explore in Colorado for the past 40 years. About 20 years ago, I realized that carrying a 60 lb. back pack up 3000 vertical feet on a 10 mile trail into my favorite high-mountain lake had become painful. It was clear I needed to find a way to make it more enjoyable, or sadly I would  be faced with ending my adventures.​ That led me to learn about llamas and what wonderful pack animals they are.  Now "My Boys," as I affectionately call them, have allowed me to continue spending time in the wilderness each summer and fall.  (Llamas are wonderful at packing out big game, since they do not have the flight response to the smell of blood found in other pack animals. ) 

The llamas are housed on about 10 acres of pasture land south of the Denver Metro area.  They are formally located in Larkspur Colorado about 5 minutes east of  I-25 off the Greenland exit.  The address is 12680 Mesa View Road, Larkspur, Colorado 80118.

We have completed certification for some of our Llamas with the Pack Llama Trail Association.  ( PLTA.org )

We have also had a number of Llamas certified C-Cara if that appeals to you. 
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