We have 12 athletic young male llamas trained and conditioned to pack in the wilderness. They love to hike the backwoods, carrying your gear to a favorite remote camp site. You plan and lead your trip from 2 days to 2 weeks, and we supply the llamas, saddles (Sopris), halters, and panniers.  Before heading out on your own, we will teach you how to work with the animals and have a great back-country experience.  Orientation classes are carried out during the winter months with a day hike in one of the close-by mountain foothills parks. If special orientation is needed, that can be arranged as well.  It is important you are very comfortable with these fine animals before heading up the trail. You will need to supply transportation.  However, we can make that easy by renting you a trailer, truck with a stock rack  or a slide in stock rack for your pickup. Since we train the llamas to jump into the back of a truck, they can be taken up 4 wheel drive roads to shorten the hiking distance significantly. ( They love riding in the back of a pickup! )                          


We offer some of our packers for sale after they have completed a rigorous training and conditioning program.  This training includes presenting them with obstacles they are likely to encounter on multiple-day trips into the high country. .Please see the page for Llamas for sale for a list of available animals and details.


We have beautiful male (Sires) llamas with ILR certification for breeding.  The animals we have are first and foremost packers with good conformation and intelligence.  Fiber is not a consideration  ( although when we shear, the fiber is for sale at a very reasonable rate- like free )
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