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Hi Folks,    Good news  !     I am happy to report that we have some llamas for sale. 

 I will be selling quite a few trained packers, some male juveniles that are halter and obstacle course trained, Adult females and some younger females.  

 I will start with one group and over the span of 2-3 days I plan to have them all listed.  I will also send an e-mail out to those who have expressed interest in buying llamas, and my Llama hikers list to try and be as thorough as I can about getting the word out.      Happy Trails,    John   303 829 3746

PS,    I will delete the llamas from the list that are sold.
                  12680 Mesa View Road 80118
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This is Juan. He is one year old.    Good conformation and tractable demeanor.  He needs to start with basic lead and halter training and then the obstacle course. $1000
This is Antonio.   He is 1 - 2 years old. Good conformation.  He does not have any fighting teeth.
This is Maya.   She is a 6 yo female who has had 2 crias with good conformation.  She has nice appaloosa coloring.  She has good straight legs with no conformational problems.  She is easy to lead.   $3000
This is Salida, a  2 yo female who should be a good breeder and potential packer for years to come. Sweet disposition she needs to start with halter and lead training and then the obstacle course. 
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This is Sophia, 1-year-old female with faint appaloosa coloring.  Good conformation.    Needs halter, lead and obstacle course work. $1500
This is Alegra (joy in Spanish)  She is 1.5 years old with perfect conformation.   Should be able to breed this year and work on halter lead and obstacle training. $1500