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​Hi Folks,    It has been a year since I sold pack llamas.  I found it painful last time and at least now I know what to expect.  I get attached to them after working with them.   These are all seasoned packers.  That means they have all had multiple overnight trips in the wilderness, are comfortable around bicycles, dogs, runners, hunters, dead elk and deer.  They all saddle easily, accept the panniers, lead easily and can be strung along.  They all load in a pickup (my favorite) or a trailer and are comfortable being pinned out for the night.  They are all conditioned, healthy with immunizations, toes trimmed and most recent shearing in May 2018.  They also have differences among them which determines the price I put on them.  Some are more seasoned, more athletic, bigger, more capable at handling heavier loads etc.  I will spell out each animals individual characteristics below the photos. Feel free to call if you have questions.   Thanks for looking,  John  303 829 3746

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This is Cinco ( 5 in Spanish)  He is a 4yo intact male.  Very sweet, easy to halter, saddle and lead.  He loves to pack and get out into the back country.  He puts more energy into his packing even though I would say he is a little smaller than my standard llamas. He is not very horny which makes him an easier keeper with other llamas.
He will lead or follow and doesn't mind being strung in front or in back. He has good conformation, and a steady smooth gait.  Good for a woman with his temperament.. $2500
This is Trinidad.  He is an intact male about 6yo who did a pack trip with me in the Gila wilderness for 10 days. I have worked with him for about 1 year.  I bought him from a breeder close to Trinidad, Colorado. He tends to be horny and like Fuego above should not be around younger smaller males or older vulnerable gelded animals.   He is tall with long legs and good conformation.  He tends to be "lanky" and not stocky.  He is very sensitive to his handlers and avoids people as if he were abused at some point when younger.  He has a sweet disposition but is a little scared. I always approach him slowly with a calm voice and rub his neck as I talk to him.  Then he is ready to be haltered.  He leads fine and packs well with a good load.  He should not be packed over 80 lbs.  $2000
This is quatro ( 4 in Spanish ).   He is a 5 yo intact male who looks very similar to Cinco and  had the same sire.  However quatro  is stronger, more athletic and does not like to lead.  He always wants someone else in front and then he goes along readily.  He doesn't  terrorize other llamas and seems to be a good team player in the pasture.  He is healthy, and has very good conformation.  He saddles easily and is very trail ready with no problems around bikes, dogs, or human runners. He may need to be tickled from the back side on some hikes.  For that reason I usually keep someone behind him to help out.   $1500
This is Burrito Supreme, named because the top of his head looks like he has a dollop of sour cream on it.   He is an intact 4 yo male with a very sweet, compliant and easy going personality.  He is a good size stocky male who can pack a full load all day with his athletic abilities.  He gets along great with the herd and doesn't seem very horny.  He is better at following right now, but that could change as he matures.  He strings along well and does great on the trail.    $3000
This is Carlos.   He is ILR certified #287105 and is a  beautiful gelded 9 yo male.  He has been one of the best packers I have ever owned.  People ask for Carlos because he is super sweet to kids.  His picture is on the website with little kids.  He is super strong and gets the job done.  He will lead for a mile and then the stress gets to him.  He would rather follow.  3 years ago I had to geld him because he got so horny it was disrupting herd life.  He is now much better and back to good ol Carlos.  He got a little thin 2 years ago and I started giving him equine senior which helps him keep the weight on.  Great animal.  $2000
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