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Hi Folks : 

  This is my effort to give you the shearing date so you can put it on the calendar.
We have set a date for the shearing this year. I am planning on starting at 8am May 22, Saturday. The shearing is later because the ranch is at 7200 feet and cooler. I will be trying to leave a little more fiber on the llamas as well. 1 ½ inches should work well. As usual we will trim toes, shear, check for and remove fighting teeth, immunize with CDT, take care of parasites with ivermectin and treat each animal for ear mites. I will bring the usual green Chile, Tortillas etc. to make sure we all have some food. We should be done around noon. Please RSVP for this event. If I hit a snag I will call/email you to let you know.

I am starting to do some "meet ups" on Saturdays close to my home in Greenwood Village. These will be posted on the meet up site and cost $45.00 to join us for 2-3 hours of walking along the high line canal. Groups are limited to 10 people. Turns out there a lot of people out there who love the idea of taking a little walk with a llama and asking lots of quesions. We have been doing this for s few months and will probably set one up about every 2 weeks on Saturdays during the summer months. If you know someone who would enjoy this please refer them to meetup and just search for llamas. We should pop up.

Summer looks like a good chance to get out and do some packing with the llamas.  I will be doing 5 trips over the summer and Fall in order to fly fish and enjoy the peace and quiet.

I hope everyone gets a chance to be in the Colorado High Country.

Happy Trails,

Feel free to call or e-mail. Thanks, John 303 829 3746

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