Johnnies BLOG.....Hi Folks....

I need to let everyone know that the shearing will be Saturday 
May 12 at the barn starting at 8am. 
I plan to start you off with a box of donuts!!!

I will open up the pasture west of the barn for parking if you have
 a trailer or if the parking gets loaded up at the house. Feel free to use it.
 Just turn in before the concrete wall as you are headed East on Belleview.

 We usually finish up around noon. Just to make sure no one gets hungry, I will bring a crockpot of my Hot Green Chile and some tortillas to keep it reasonable. Water and sodas will be available as well.

For those of you who don’t know what this entails. Let me explain.
  We use large electric shears to remove the wool from the llamas. 
 We try to leave about an inch of fiber on the animal so they don’t 
get a sun burn. At the same time we give them shots of CDT 
( to protect them against tetanus and other pathogens) and
 Ivermectin to treat any parasites they may have picked up since 
last year. We also check for fighting teeth, and trim their toes if
 need be. Lastly we take a fresh picture from each side with the new haircut.

This process invariably includes some rodeo activity since the
 llamas don’t readily give up their wonderful fiber or toenails. 
 Thank goodness we have chutes to make it all safe.

Please let me know if you can make it so I can call if we hit a snag.

I appreciate very much everyone who helps with this clean up 
day. It makes it all go much faster and the llamas are so much 
cooler!             Thank you all for helping… John


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