Johnnies BLOG.....Hi Folks....

Spring has sprung.  You wouldn't believe we could have a snow storm in these last few days of April. (Unless you have lived here and seen it)  Just tell the Lilacs and the Daffodils to stay put a few more weeks.

I should let everyone know that I am planning this year’s shearing event at the barn May 13 starting at 8am.  For those of you who haven’t been there we shear all the llamas and check for fighting teeth, trim toes, and administer shots of CDT and Ivermectin. Makes for an exciting morning. I will bring some of my home made Green Chile, tortillas and snacks again this year. I appreciate everyones help very much.  If it is raining I will cancel and reschedule the event.  

I am still doing quite a few clinics and day hikes for people and llamas who want some aerobic exercise and training before the summer high country opens up.  I will be sending flyers out to all on the e-mail list.  In the summer and Fall I stop the day hikes and  spend more time following the snow up the hill on multiday trips.

Check out my new Logo which took me over 5 years to develop.  It looks so simple, How could it take so long.  Thanks to all who extended their artistic overview to my pathetically un artistic abilities.      Johnny


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