Johnnies BLOG.....Hi Folks....

E gads,   I cant believe it is almost Christmas.  I had some ball
caps made with my new logo.  These trucker hats are ventilated
and don't show sweat marks because of the camo pattern.  They 
also stick to your head and wont come off even when you roll off
a dirt bike (I tried it) Tell me if you like them.

Today I discovered that camelids don't have nucleated Red Blood cells. ( I apologize to all whom I misled)  I had heard they did but it turns out they have micro-tubules (look like nuclei) that change the shape to oval rather than elliptical like people.  They say that helps prevent sludging of blood vessels when you live in a desert.

You will also see a new hat 4 Carlos with a sweet mix bag stuck on 
his head.  Carlos is too smart for his own good.  He will open the
door to the barn (undoing 2 locks with his nose) and then eat sweet
mix until the bag is empty.  When he tries to pull his head out the
bag comes up with him. He has been stuck in the barn for hours
until I come and lift the bag off....whew!!! a miracle.  Im not blind.

We hunted Elk successfully last season this year and used the 
Llamas to bring the meat down off the top of the Mosquito range.  They 
saved us a lot of work.  This is a picture of Santiago with 
two front quarters, backstraps, tenderloins.   Frisco had the 
rear quarters to himself.

This should also function as my Christmas card.  
I just realized that will save me some time and hassle, 
as well as being fun.

Happy Holidays to all you folks,  Thanks for using my boys, 

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