This is Johnnies BLOG. 

Hi Folks,   Shearing this year will be at the barn  Saturday May 11,  where it has always been. For those who are new to this Rodeo:    We trim toes, look for fighting teeth, give them yearly shots and take most of the fiber off using shears.   The Llamas are restrained by stanchions to keep it safe.  

I will make some Green Chile and tortillas for the event, as well as locating some donuts and orange juice, water and soda's.  We will start at 8am and most likely be done by noon.  Please RSVP so I can tell you if I hit a snag.  If you are bringing a trailer,  park in the property either to the east or west of the main barn.  That will give us room to work.

Sales of the property where the llamas are located continues to slowly move to completion.   They will be putting in 9 new houses and the infrastructure for water and sewer when the time comes. My best estimate of when they will scrape the barn and buildings is now July 1.

That means I will need to have the boys someplace else by that time.  I have been looking for property to buy or rent where they could be managed.  So far it has been tough.  I can offer ag status to any owners and I would move to get ag status on any property I bought.  I would prefer to have my own property if I can swing it.

In the meantime I appreciate all the offers of help and places where my llamas can have a roof over their head. 

Interest in the llamas continues with loads of people looking to rent and Buy.  If only I had a place where I could put them.

If you have any ideas please give me a call or e-mail.      Thanks for helping, Johnny

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