This is Johnnies BLOG. 

Hi Folks,   Sales of the property where the llamas are located continues to slowly move to completion.   They will be putting in 9 new houses and the infrastructure for water and sewer when the time comes. My best estimate of when they will scrape the barn and buildings is May 1.

That means I will need to have the boys someplace else by that time.  I have been looking for property to buy or rent where they could be managed.  So far it has been tough.  I can offer ag status to any owners and I would move to get ag status on any property I bought.  I would prefer to have my own property if I can swing it.

In the meantime I appreciate all the offers of help and places where my llamas can have a roof over their head. You are wonderful generous people.  Thank you.

Interest in the llamas continues with loads of people looking to rent and Buy.  If only I had a place where I could put them.

If you have any ideas please give me a call or e-mail.   John

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