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LLAMA LEASE CONTRACT (Revised 9-8-2019)Contact Phone # ________

I, ___________________________ agree to lease from Llamas Colorado the llamas and equipment described below.  

I fully agree to the terms of this contract. Today’s Date______________________________

Upon taking possession of this/these llama(s), I understand and agree to assume full liability and responsibility for the animal(s). I shall provide feed in sufficient quantity so as to return the animal(s) in the same or better condition as when I received them. Llamas Colorado or its designated agent shall be the sole judge of condition. If the animal(s) are injured or cannot be returned in the same condition as when I received then, I shall remit a sum of five hundred dollars ($500.00) for each animal in said condition. In the event a Llama is lost I will reimburse Llamas Colorado 250 per diem until the Llama is found or loss equals $3000. For each dead, totally disabled or missing animal I agree to pay the sum of four thousand dollars ($4000).

If any equipment furnished or leased with the Llamas is lost or damaged, I shall pay for it at the following rate: halter $15.00; lead rope $12.00; pack saddle $225.00; pannier deluxe $250.00; pannier standard $150.00. I will pay for repairs as needed up to the above prices. I will be responsible for the repair or replacement of stock rack ($2000), trailer (($4000), truck ($5000) in the event they are damaged or totaled. I will pay for the repairs as needed up to the above prices. I will also notify Llamas Colorado of any damaged equipment on my return so it can be repaired.

I fully understand and agree that Llamas Colorado, its agents and the United States of America shall not be held liable for damage or claims resulting from the use of the llama(s) by me or members of my party. I understand fully the responsibility associated with the use of the llama(s) and assume totally that responsibility for the term of this lease. I shall pay any claims or legal fees connected with the use of the llama(s) under the terms of this lease.

I agree to pay the full amount of this lease and additional charges if due to extension of the lease period. I also agree to pay any transportation charges. My deposit (if required) will be credited to me when the llama(s) are returned to Llamas Colorado in acceptable condition.

Number of llamas leased: __________ Destination or Area: ________________________________
Equipment furnished: Leased from __________ to _____________  

Llama rental Fee_____________________
Training Fee________________________
Truck Fee__________________________
Stock Rack Fee______________________
Trailer Rental_______________________


BALANCE DUE WHEN PICKED UP______________________

I have been oriented by a Llamas Colorado s trainer in the use and care of llamas and feel confident and capable of handling them under trail conditions by myself.

Signatures: ________________________________ ______________________________

Address____________________________________ ______________________________

WARNING: Under Colorado law, a llama professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in llama activities resulting from the inherent risks of llama activities, pursuant to section 1321119 Colorado Revised Statutes.