Composted Llama Manure for Sale

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Llama manure provides a very nutritional soil amendment that your plants will thrive in.  We compost the manure with  leaves, grass, straw and orchard apples to produce a wonderful organic compost that will not burn plants or lawns.  A little bit goes a long way with our composted llama manure  !!!
Animal Manure Comparisons:

        Animal Type                        Nitrogen (%)                            Phosphorus (%)                    Potassium (%)

Llama                                           1.7                                            0.69                                        0.66

Chicken                                        1.0                                            0.8                                          0.4

Horse                                            0.7                                           0.25                                         0.55

Sheep                                           0.95                                         0.35                                         1.0

Cow                                               0.6                                          0.15                                          0.45

Pig                                                 0.5                                          0.35                                          0.4
Pricing and sizes:
Skid Steer scoop 1/2 yard- $15.00
50 lbs and more $0.25 per pound
25 lb-49 lbs.    $0.50 per  pound
10 Lb and up package $1.25/pound 
5 lb package  $10.00

Hi Folks.   It has taken 3 years and now we have 3 large piles of composted manure.   The piles are from 1-3 years old.  I also have really fresh manure if that is what you want