Fee Schedule   Revised 7/22/2018

Llama Rentals
Daily (3 Day Minimum)
Two or more $50 per day per animal

I have stopped doing the discount, sorry.

No trips longer than 20 days unless you persuade me

Orientations (required before initial lease only)
Basic (up to 4 participants) $100

Transportation assists
Stock Racks (Slide in racks for full-size pickups) $15 per day / $45 minimum

Trailer Rental $25/day No unimproved roads

Truck with stock rack $35 per day
 GMC must be full of gas when you bring it back.


Llama Related Services
Boarding (call for price quote)
• Includes veterinary maintenance for animals boarded the entire year.
All boarders are kept with Llamas Colorado pack stock.
. Persons boarding animals recognize the advantages & drawbacks of these conditions & accept
Liability for their animals.

Other Services
• Maintenance vet procedures done once a year and as needed    $40
(Vaccinations, worming, toenails, teeth, delousing)

Prices subject to changes without notice.

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